Philip Vassallo, Ed.D.

Writing Management, Design, Instruction, and Assessment



I take great pleasure in strongly recommending Dr. Philip Vassallo as a program developer, project manager, presenter, and trainer.

Since 1997, I have regularly commissioned Dr. Vassallo to develop and deliver the following Department of Environmental Protection training programs: Writing Technical Reports, Business Writing for Managers and Professionals, Successful Memo and Letter Writing, Successful E-Mail Writing Preparing On-target Customer Correspondence, Business Grammar, and Revising, Editing, and Proofreading. In each of these programs, he has consistently rendered his services in the highest professional manner—winning our staff’s praise for accurately assessing their developmental needs and for generously providing them with invaluable feedback.

I know that Dr. Vassallo’s credentials are exemplary. He has trained throughout the U.S. and has published business and communication articles internationally. But what has impressed me the most since his arrival at DEP is his commitment to staying on top of his field so that he can help our staff achieve their career goals. His quest for knowledge is insatiable, his diligence in his assignments is inspiring, and his respect for his clients is unwavering.

Without question, Dr. Vassallo will contribute mightily to any organization that chooses to work with him. I would be pleased to answer any question posed about this outstanding individual.

Michael Bartlett,
Director, Training & Development, NYC Department of Environmental Protection

I strongly recommend Dr. Philip Vassallo as a project developer, manager, and presenter for any organization considering his services. My professional association with Dr. Vassallo began in 1999, when he independently designed and presented a report writing module for the Auditor Training program of New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles. We have since collaborated in presenting proposals for written and oral communications courses to major international corporations.

During my work with Dr. Vassallo over the past two years, he has demonstrated to me the following critical qualities:

. He performed a skills assessment based on a thoughtful analysis of reports written by state auditors, and then he designed an effective training program which received high praise from the 60 participants attending over two sessions. He achieved these results with a depth of knowledge that has proved invaluable to the University.

Creativity. Whether with clients from the telecommunications or pharmaceutical industries during proposal meetings or with associates of all skill levels during his courses, Dr. Vassallo has freely shared his knowledge with a spontaneity and enthusiasm that are as refreshing as they are practical to his audience.

. Dr. Vassallo delivers the proposals, manuals, and training that what we ask of him—and more. He completes his projects with his trademark punctuality, completeness, organization, and client focus. He has become our “go-to consultant” when we confront tight deadlines and high client expectations.

. Invariably, Dr. Vassallo has demonstrated that he understands adult education. He makes learning enjoyable and educes the interaction of all his course participants. He dedicates himself to treating them with a respect that reflects positively on Rutgers.

Needless to say, the Rutgers College of Engineering greatly values all these qualities that Dr. Vassallo possesses. His proficiency, dedication, and vigor are rare among professionals in any field. I am certain that he will represent any organization as he has ours, and I look forward to working with him on future projects.

Joseph W. Czapp,
Director, Continuing and Professional Education, College of Engineering, Rutgers University

I wholeheartedly recommend Philip Vassallo to any education-related program development, proposal writing, or evaluation service for which he feels qualified. As former superintendent of Baltimore City Public Schools, Vice-president of Urban Education for the National School Conference Institute in Phoenix, Arizona, and currently a Board Member for Bingwa Educational Software Company in Atlanta, Georgia, I have had extensive educational management experience in directing and evaluating professional efficacy, creative talent, and honest enterprise. Dr. Vassallo possesses these three qualities.

I first worked with Dr. Vassallo in 1994 when I was the superintendent of Baltimore City Public Schools. Under my direction, he worked with our Office of Public Relations, developing an article and a speech in response to a politically charged situation which had captured national attention. I was impressed with his dedication to the challenging task and his efficiency in the creative process. As a result, I recommended him to a private education organization in Arizona. There he coached teaching staff in writing for professional publication, and he wrote promotional articles, press releases, brochures, and PowerPoint presentations. Again, I heard positive things about his performance.

Since that time, I have stayed in contact with Dr. Vassallo and have watched him cultivate his professional skills. He has completed his doctoral work in educational theory from Rutgers University, and he has provided consulting, development, and training services to The City of New York and such multinational corporations as AT&T, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Ernst & Young, and Morgan Stanley Dean Witter. Yet his interest remains with public and private education, as is evidenced by his numerous education articles which have appeared in periodicals and newspapers.

Without reservation, I am certain that Dr. Vassallo will contribute substantially to any organization that procures his consulting services. I would be pleased to answer any question a prospective client may have regarding his qualifications.

Walter G. Amprey, Ph.D., Superintendent, Baltimore City Public Schools, and Educational Consultant

I am pleased to recommend Dr. Philip Vassallo. From the Fall 1988 to the Spring 1999 semesters, the period during which Dr. Vassallo taught for the English Department of Middlesex County College, he embodied the essential characteristics and skills that I expect from a college-level professor.

Dr. Vassallo taught Business Communications, English Composition I, and Basic Skills English, usually one course per semester and often two, while maintaining his fulltime position in the corporate world and studying for his doctorate in educational theory at Rutgers University. He also actively served as a trustee, vice-president, and president for the New Jersey College English Association, presenting papers and serving as a moderator at the Association’s annual conferences. In addition, his scholarship led him to publishing essays and reviews for various professional and literary journals.

His teaching evaluations indicated that his pedagogical ability matched his content knowledge. Students reported that he was consistently prepared to teach his course, showed a high degree of enthusiasm for the course, made clear the course objectives, created a comfortable learning environment, encouraged class participation, presented material fully and clearly, and possessed an excellent rapport with them. I could not have asked for more.

Santi Buscemi, Chairman, English Department, Middlesex County College

Phil did an outstanding job of rethinking the course. The flow is much more logical, the assignments more useful, and the participant guide more clear and comprehensive. Also, the model documents and suggested solutions are a great addition to the guide. And, of course, it's nice to have such a comprehensive leader's guide and slide set.


Also, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Phil in action. He's an outstanding instructor and a master at using storytelling to stimulate learning.

Katherine Antilla, Professional Trainer


As a former In-Service Training Coordinator for NYC Administration for Children's Services/ James Satterwhite Training Academy, I had the pleasure of meeting Philip Vassallo at a training showcase hosted by the Department of Citywide Agency Services and was so impressed by his delivery that I decided to attend several of the business writing workshops he facilitated, and subsequently contracted him to conduct training for our staff and child welfare trainees.

Phil served as the Keynote speaker and a workshop facilitator at our Annual Writing Conferences. He also facilitated a professional development workshop geared specifically for our curriculum developers and child welfare trainers. His in-depth knowledge, unique instructional techniques, and excellent people skills have consistently received rave reviews from the trainees and JSA staff.

Overall, I have found Phil to be a conscientious, highly skilled instructor. He is an expert in needs analysis and course development, and his delivery was focused, interactive, and adaptable to our specific needs.

I would highly recommend Phil to any company seeking these qualities in an individual.


Joy Benjamin Fieulleteau, Special Assistant to the Chief-of-Staff, James Satterwhite Academy, NYC Administration for Children's Services

Phil was engaging and supportive of the learning process. I don't think anyone felt left out in his course. We had a deaf person in the class and Phil managed to adapt his teaching style on-the-fly to accommodate this unusual circumstance. I remember him bringing in insightful supporting information that he had uncovered over the years. He had us give him a sample of our writing and he worked diligently to give each and one of us sincere, and useful feedback. His course was informative, useful, and has made a lasting impression among a sea of Lucent courses that I have taken. As a result of his course, I have given more thought to making my sentences pounce out at readers using active voice. I now try to transform dull words by seeking glimmering alternatives. These things stick out in my mind years after I had taken his course. Over the years, I have been instructed by dozens of teachers. Better than any teacher I have had, Phil has the ability to a make someone feel like a special and unique human being.

Benjamin Cheung, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Lucent Technologies

English is not my first language. However, Phil made me love to write, and to write with confidence, to the extent that I help many of my colleagues to write and review their letters. That's a great accomplishment for someone who was not born in this great country. I think, the secret of his success in teaching Professional Writing is not only because of his knowledge and experience, but also because of his personality that makes the class so interesting and lively. In the end, you would be so eager to go back and implement your new knowledge in writing.

Nabil Girgis, Correspondence Unit, NYC Department of Environmental Protection

I had the pleasure of attending a seminar taught by Phil Vassallo on resume writing at the Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers University. His seminar was extraordinary and helped me bridge the gap from college student to professional. As a direct result of his advice and follow up counsel over the telephone, I was able to write a resume that landed me a job at a top New York City law firm. A couple of years later when I decided to go on to law school, Phil was instrumental in helping me craft a winning personal essay which helped me gain acceptance to Fordham, Boston College, and Rutgers Law Schools. Not only is Phil's advice helpful, insightful, and excellent, but he is great at developing personal relationships with those he teaches. I feel as though I could email or call Phil anytime that I needed some help or guidance with my writing or communication skills.

I remember that his seminar was thorough, well prepared, and well researched. He communicated clearly and his teaching was interactive. He elicited general enthusiasm from the group and took the time to give each participant individual attention.

In conclusion, I strongly recommend Phil Vassallo.

Douglas Greene, Attorney

I attended Phil Vassallo's "Writing for Results" class at the NYC Department of Small Business Services (SBS). Having taken similar courses during my undergraduate career, I anticipated an agency-sponsored writing class would be of limited value to me. However, after only one class with Phil, I realized that his course carried significant added value.

While my position frequently required me to utilize my written communication skills, I never enjoyed putting pen to paper. Phil taught us how to enjoy the art of writing by infusing us with confidence in our writing abilities. Phil succeeded in clarifying rules of grammar that had perplexed me since grade school.

Moreover, Phil succeeded in addressing a very diverse audience of students effectively. The students in his class ranged from recent immigrants with limited education to professionals with advanced degrees. Phil's class was simple enough for beginners and yet challenging enough for advanced students.

Sien Mittiga, MBA

What they say about the course leader …

Phil was really great! Lots of energy and a wealth of information.

He is very well read but not pedantic. His passion for writing and uncompromising guidance made writing a challenge—not a thoughtless task!

Dr. Vassallo brought great enthusiasm and expertise to this lecture series.

He worked with each individual and gave constructive criticism—just what we all need!

The instructor reviewed my writing and made great comments and suggestions.

Dr. Vassallo brought energy, expertise, and experience to this lecture series. He worked with each of us individually but was able to share relevant feedback with the whole class—in real time. He is clearly very well-read, but is not pedantic. His enthusiasm and guidance have made writing a challenge, not a task!

He’d keep my interest if this course were double the length.

I found him approachable, courteous, knowledgeable and easy to follow. I thoroughly enjoyed his approach to teaching.

Mr. Vassallo kept the writing class interesting and informative over a two-day period. I wish I had found my English classes in high school and college as useful.

What participants learned …

I learned how to be more concise, and I know I will use what I have learned.

I can now better organize my thoughts and avoid repetition.

I should have taken this course at the beginning of my career.

I didn’t realize there’s so much to writing. Phil made the course so interesting—it should be longer.

This course was relevant to my job.

The section on creating powerful openings and closings and Phil’s quality controlling tips were especially valuable.

I now know why my boss was so critical of my writing. She was right.

I absolutely love this session and I know that my overall written presentations will improve. The sections on creating powerful openings and quality controlling tips were especially valuable.

Lots of practical suggestions in class and in written materials. Excellent insights and commentary on draft pieces.

Strong presentation: very beneficial and practical, relevant course.

His ideas about grouping thoughts and then presenting them in a concise form were invaluable.

The interaction with classmates, observing different styles—it was all worthwhile.

The least valuable thing was the breaks. The more the time with Phil, the more productive I felt.

What participants will do as a result of taking a Phil Vassallo course …

I will stop writing about what I think and just write about what the reader needs to know.

I will take extra care to check my documents for clarity, conciseness, and correctness.

I will have a structured plan to my writing assignments.

I will adhere to the logical, progressive method for better report writing.

I will recommend the course to everyone in my department.

I will us the strategies and tactics in preparing and reviewing documents at work.

I realize that I can write. All I have to do is apply the principles of the course.

I will use these tactics and strategies in preparing and reviewing documents in my work. I will further suggest that my organization provide a writing class for its junior officers.

I believe Phil provides a valuable service to build writing skills.

Mr. Vassallo has taught me many things that I can use as a tool that I know will make writing memos, letters, etc. that much easier for me.

Relevant to my job duties. I learned a great deal over the past two days that will translate into better documents, better writing. Phil was very personable, engaging, entertaining, and interesting. One of the better presenters.